Taco Regearing cost?


Just picked up the Taco and FWC Fleet camper from Armorology and drove it for the first time since the regear to 4.88 and it came out super.

1st gear is perfect for starting on San Francisco hills now without having to slip my clutch excessively.

Highway travel came out better than the calculator figured it (probably more a factor of my flawed input to the online calculator)....I'm right at 2,500rpms when travelling in 5th gear at 70mph.

Alcan springs are butter. The Firestone Ride-Rite air bags are now for load-leveling and fine tuning versus carrying the load.

Jeff Wanamog

Off Road Camper Guy
Very strange. The math is showing that the R&P's are closer to 4:56.
But if you like it that is all that matters. 3000 RPM's is a little high for fuel mileage.



OK, road test complete (albeit with a cell-based GPS application).

Indicated speed: 76 mph
GPS indicated speed: 63 mph
RPM: 2750

Indicated speed: 72 mph
GPS indicated speed: 60 mph
RPM: 2600

Very happy.