Taco Regearing cost?


Has their fabrication work slowed down? It used to be a 4-6 month wait just to get an appointment.
No, Jed is recession proof, much like fellow Colorado craftsman Jeff Slavens (motorcycle suspension journeyman :bike_rider: ).

Jed is expanding. He moved to a new facility, he's hired a dependable, capable apprentice and I think he's selectively branching out with products and services beyond his traditional menu of bumpers and sliders :victory: .

He's got my vehicle in local storage for the year so he's able to work on it as his schedule allows :wings: .

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Well I too belong to the no time and too much money stupid club.
I made the big mistake of ordering so called "complete diffs" from Just Differentials. Well the diffs showed up incomplete and their only comment was " you got what you paid for".
They have been complete jerks to deal with trying to get this resolved.
I had my old diffs sold and J/D wanted me to just take the parts off of the old diffs. The guy backed out of buying my diffs so now I stuck.



Quote I recently got from ECGS:

> Front Diff is $1415 w/ ARB and 4.56
> Rear diff cost is $685 w/ solid spacer and required flange
> Shipping included.
> You receive a few days later and swap them in. You then send your cores
> back, we can include shipping labels for the return of the diffs for an
> additional $80.
> We do not charge a core charge up front, after 3 weeks if not returned
> there
> is a $400 dollar charge per unit. You then have 2 weeks to return for a
> refund. If an unexpected situation occurs we will work with you. Basically
> we don't want your money we want the cores back.
> East Coast Gear Supply
> 919-672-2705
> www.eastcoastgearsupply.com


Somewhat related to my re-gearing....and completely related to my morale :D .

Alcan springs were ordered the beginning of last week, and they estimated 3-4 weeks for their arrival. They were quite helpful & very knowledge ofthe ToyTec suspension system your vehicle currently has, as well as the camper you have. They will be building a set of rear springs with an appropriate load-rate for the camper, a spring rate for a comfortable ride, and a 2.5" lift over stock. The ToyTec rear add-a-leaf adds 2" of lift height over stock, and Alcan expects a 0.5" inch of settle as the springs break in.

Minus the rear suspension, we have your vehicle completely reassembled. We also have the rear axle completely reassembled with the rebuilt/re-geared third member, new seals, new outer axle seals, inner seals, axle shafts, brake assembly seals, etc... As soon as the rear springs arrive, we can have the vehicle back on tires, in which case we’ll perform a thorough gear break-in procedure.

Also wanted to let you know, for some unknown reason, your front driver's side Bilstein coil-over shock was leaking shock fluid. While we had the front coil-overs off the vehicle for the frame restoration, I had the Bilstein warranted. I have only seen one or two Bilstein shock seal leaks ever; it might have been damaged when the rear air bag mount bent, placing an over extension of the front inner seal (?), or just been an anomaly in the seal/assemblyfrom the factory. In either case, we have installed a brand new BilsteinCoil-Over Shock for you under warranty, at no charge.


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Congratulations on your new gears and other improvements, looks GREAT :elkgrin:

What gear ratios did you change from - to ?

You are correct, sir - I figured out a good solution for me :victory: . I'm outside the US and didn't have the benefit of time to shop around. I'm simply exemplifying the age-old paradigm.....time = money.



Thanks! I'm excited :wings: to get home and take the "new" truck for a drive :smiley_drive: .

I changed from 4.10 (stock) to 4.88.

I think the 4.56 option would have been a negligible improvement.

I left the front differential open (no locker) and retained the OEM e-locker in the rear.