Swing Up Awning Bracket / Mount


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Hopefully not a dumb question... I've got a 1" square bar rack welded on my M416 lid and am looking for a swing up awning mount (like the ones seen on the tuffstuff trailers) but cannot find anything like it any where... I want the ability fold the awning to a lower position during travel, then swing it up to full height for deployment. Am i using the wrong terminology and missing the search? Can anyone point me in the right direction?



That looks pretty easy to build, except that your trailer will get longer when it swings down, unless it also slides through those brackets, which seems like it makes life difficult. Have you considered just making some pinned posts to raise it to the desired height? It might be easier to assemble something than to “swing” it each time.


Interesting idea.

I see a similar use case: A smaller awning that can get stored "up" when driving, but swing to a lower position when in use. I see some awnings that are mounted extremely high, and unless the sun is directly over the vehicle, they do very little.