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I’ve been running the Blue Ridge Overland XL since it was released and give it a big thumbs up. Ran a couple Trasharoos but they failed over time. BROG bag is a little spendy buy in but lasts. I also like the strap mounting system- easy peasy installee and removal when not needed.

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These are coming on the market soon from Nomad Adventure Gear! PVC vinyl, 10K tensile strength webbing, ALL METAL HARDWEAR! Smaller ladder bag and large tire bag. These are prototype photos but final products will be very similar. View attachment 458743View attachment 458744View attachment 458745View attachment 458746View attachment 458747View attachment 458748View attachment 458749
A few quick searches for Nomad Adventure Gear...and the spare tire bag...and it appears they never got off the ground?




I picked up a Czech military surplus rubberized pack and used heavy duty Velcro cinch straps to attach it. I usually have my tree and recovery strap inside the hub of the spare and held with the same straps holding the pack but they were soaking in a bucket when I took the pic. Cheap, water proof and been going strong for almost 2 years. Lots of options for surplus rubberized packs depending on the size your looking for. We use ours to hold the Reliant toilet, spare toiletries, and potty shelter.