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I had them in the back of a Cherokee and the only problem was I had to remove all the stuff from the cargo area for them to swing out. In the end, I never would swing them out and just leaned in to grab the stuff in them. They do help to organize but, you’ll still need to keep tools in a bag/roll to keep them organized. Stuff will rattle down to the very bottom of them requiring you to remove all contents to find them. Good luck!

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top opening and locking, they ought to be good as dry storage. Good point about clearing room to pivot, but they look like they can still be accessed reasonably well over the bed rail. If the vehicle isn't too tall or the person too short. Having something like them that sits more towards the centerline and opens like a drawer over the tailgate would be great.
I've done the crossbed toolbox in a pickup and there's nothing convenient about them. And it's a target for tool thieves. Having something out of sight under a tonneau or bed cap / cover is best.


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I just bought a swing case for my F150.
I haven't installed it yet, but it has a foam gasket to help keep water out. I'm not super concerned how good that works as I have a topper on my truck. Another good feature is you can easily unlatch it and take it out if you need room or to bring it to a work area if it's full of tools.
I'm not big on having to drill into my truck (on the 15+ it's all bolt in to factory spots, no drill), and they are expensive.
I can fit two 3" tow straps side by side rolled up in the deep part, and my tie downs and ratchet straps, along with my shackles and hitch, and a pair of gloves, with room to spare.

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I have had a swing case in the bed of my 2015 F 150 for the last 5 years and I love it! I also had the same swing in my 2009 Ranger for 4 years prior to the 150 I have a topper also so I don't worry about water/dust leakage. It has held many things over the years!

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I have cross bed boxes in two trucks and I prefer them to the swing cases. I have those same swing cases shown above in my Tundra with the 5.5' bed and they are OK in that situation, but they are smaller than they look. When they are folded against the bed sides, you cannot get into them because the lids are too close to the bed rails. So anything you need frequently or quickly (flashlight, multi tool, road flares, first aid kit) needs to go somewhere else in the truck. Would I buy them again? Yes, but only for things like the Tundra mini-bed.


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Installed my passenger side Swing Case on Monday.
Haven't gone off road yet, but curious to how they will hold up over time. They are kind of jiggly when latched.
I can open the lid 85% of 90° in my case, so depending what you store in them you might be able to access without swinging the case outwards.

Still not thrilled with the "self tapping screw" install method either.

The pros are it's out of the way, and you can easily remove it to gain access to the tie down and more bed space if needed. And no crawling to front of bed for stuff like a cross box unit.


I bought one for the driver side of my trucks bed

On sale for $169 right now......hope to install it tonight

Looks well made


The self tapping screws held when my case was installed in my Ford Ranger.... not a problem... survived the wash board road out to and back in Death valley to the dry lake with the wind blown rocks from Teakettle junction and many other bad roads since then.


I ended up using my Ford Pass Points to get one of these cases. I like how they fit. Only time will tell on how they hold up.

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