Sweet Mitsubishi L200 with Bimobil camper for sale in September (South America)

Love this Bimobil set up (wish it were on a HiLux :))

A very cool German couple driving around the Americas paragliding. The rig will be for sale in September. They will be asking 20,000 Euro obo.

The Bimobil is immaculate inside and I wish I could buy it! If you want to drive around the Americas this would be a great option... Oh and it comes with a motorbike as well.



I am very interested and emailed them. Hope to hear back from them soon.

Thanks for posting this up!

Lake Tahoe CA
They are en route to Bolivia, will most probably be a few days before they have Internet... We are off grid for weeks at a one sometimes, I can only assume they do the same they are pretty self contained :)

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Thank you for the heads up. Realized that they likely were traveling. Just like to seriously discuss the sale potential with the owners.

Looking forward to communicating.