Sweet Deal - 2006 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Class C RV CX


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Great price too. This is best year for duramax too and the year they went to 6 speed allison, I temped to trade mine for this one but too deep in real estate deals right now.


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everything about these is nice... except I like to sit across from someone at the table for morning coffee, petty I know.
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They got flooded with offers. Hundreds of RV horny millennials kicking in their door. Who says we aren't in an inflationary environment.
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I am the guy who bought this Tiger CX and I have a story for you.

I flew out from Colorado on Saturday and drove it back on Sunday, as I had to be at work on Monday. I didn't have time to get it inspected by a mechanic. My plan was to look it over, test drive it and if anything seemed even a little bit off walk away and buy a plane ticket home. I watched a couple of videos on what to look for when buying a used diesel and an RV, but a mechanic I am not.

When I got to California it all looked good and I decided to pull the trigger. About 500 miles into the trip back to Colorado the check engine light came on. It was Sunday and I was driving across Utah on Rte 50 so all the auto shops were closed and I couldn't get to a code reader until I got home. I didn't notice any performance issues, so I wasn't too panicked. When I finally got to a shop that was open the code reader said "Turbocharge Vane Position Sensor". The kid at Autozone told me it was a simple fix and sold me the part for $150. I did some additional research and found some articles that said you need to inspect the turbo and not just replace the sensor. I brought it into the local Chevy dealership and they called me a few hours later and said that they suspect it needs a new turbo and they can't do it because they don't have a lift that can handle the Tiger. The tech thought it is the turbo because he saw exterior rust on it. They recommended I bring it to a shop that works on RVs and commercial trucks. I have an appointment next week for them to diagnose it.

Thought that some of you who "missed out" on this deal might be interested in hearing how things turned out. Even if I have to drop $3500 on a new turbo I still think it is a good deal, maybe not a "sweet deal", but good enough.

FWIW I don't think that the seller knew of the issue-even though it was visible. He was selling it for his elderly father. He seemed like a decent guy and has been really good about communicating with me after the sale. When I told him about the issue he offered to buy it back from me or give me the name of another potential buyer who offered a lot more than the $50K I paid. Hoping that this is just a momentary setback and that I will be out exploring with my new rig shortly.


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FWIW, even at $50k there is a lot of room for repairs/upgrades before its not a good deal. You bought well.....fix it and enjoy it, an extra $3000-$5000 is no big deal at all. Like you I bought my 2001 Chinook site unseen and drove home without thorough inspection, I did have a bunch of smaller things and got lucky. Worse was tire blew out after getting home and it turns out all tires were wayyyyy tooooo old. I got lucky it didn't happen on 15 hr drive home.

Sweet rig, Tiger probably my next vehicle.


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I would think you could get the entire turbo replaced for less than $2k if you had a shop that was willing to let you by the part. Not that crazy of a job to do for 1500. About the price of tie rod ends and a track bar. Not too shabby. You got a smoking deal GREAT WORK. These are trucks. Things break.


If you take it to an independent diesel performance shop, you can probably get a correct diagnosis. Most turbos have a cast iron housing. The housing rusts.
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