SW Idaho Overlanding and Coyote Works team up!


This is the beginning of my shared adventure with another YouTube content creator.

Coyote Works is a well known YouTube channel that features overlanding, car camping, history, exploring, fire arms, ect. If you like these kind of activities you should check out his channel if you have not already Coyote Works .

We had a lot of fun planning this event and then partaking of it. I am now having fun putting these videos together so that you too can have fun with us.

So ride along with us as we traverse the deep deserts of Oregon, Nevada and Idaho. These were long slow days on rough roads, river crossings and exploring forgotten places in time. Be sure to check out Coyote Works channel for his videos of this trip.

See you on the trails, George.



Getting behind on posting up these videos. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to get more timely updates. Thanks for watching, George.


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