Suzuki Vitara 2003 - 4x4 - Perfect Condition - Early July in Chile

We are selling our trustworthy Suzuki Vitara after a long trip in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. This car has served us very well during our trip and we would be happy for fellow travellers to be the next owners to enjoy this wonderful car.

Where: Chile. When: Early July.

- Chilean plates, Paperwork up to date.
- Manual transmission, 1.6L gasoline motor, 4x4.
- Mileage: 140,000Km.
- Inspected by certified Suzuki mechanic. Very well maintained, (Oil
changes, oil/air/fuel filters, new timing belt, new spark plugs).

- New tires.
- Fuel Consumption: 14Km/L.
- Air conditioning.
- Sony radio (CD, USB, AUX, tuner).
- Security measures: New alarm system, hidden kill switch, anti-theft mechanism, steering lock.
- Additional equipment: Spare keys, air compressor, jumper cables, spare wheel, jack, fire extinguisher, safety vest, triangles, first aid kit.
- It is possible to fold the back seats and create a large flat surface, comfortable for storage.

We had an excellent experience driving on and off-road. we were able to get any place we wanted without a problem and enjoyed long comfortable drives. The car is suitable for a couple or a solo traveller.

Price: 6590$

For more information feel free to send us an

Lior & Yael.


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Not interested in buying, but glad to hear you have had good experiences with the Suzuki. We'll be bringing our 2009 Grand Vitara down that way later in the year and so far through 4 months of Mexico its proving to be a really good vehicle - small and nimble in towns, and easily able to cope with any of the dirt roads, potholes and beach accesses we've encountered so far.....