Suzuki VanVan 200cc fat tire fun


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For 2017, Suzuki announced the company will import a bike in the 200cc fat tire class called the VanVan. MSRP is $4599.

The VanVan is larger, more powerful and has more advanced features than the 125cc fat tire runabouts Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125. it should, since it's $2000 more expensive. It's also heavier than the Grom, 280 lb vs 230 lb.

I can see the VanVan as a dinghy hanging on the back of a large camper.


So you are saying the Yamaha TW200 finally has a competitor. Sure, it has EFI, but does it have a reliable track record that dates to the 1980's? I still might look at it though, that EFI is tempting for altitude changes alone......


The VanVan has been around since 2003 as a 125cc, got bumped up to 200cc in 2016. 2017 is just the first year they are sold in the US. On the various sites, I have seen it talked about favorably.

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VanVan has a small fuel tank.

The specs have the VanVan with a smaller tank (2 something gallons) than the DR200S (3.6 gallons).


This thing looks awesome. I have a 89' t-dub that I "bought for my wife" and I love that thing. The fact that it has efi and is lighter sounds pretty awesome. If it doesn't get over 80mpg then someone failed. Thanks for posting this. I never knew about this bike until today, granted I only go to the KTM and Yamaha dealers.