Suzuki Owners; Let's see your ExPo Trucks


suzi the psychic just finished her 1st run of the season, w/a new top.

mostly stock running gear w/some suspension mods, autolockers, geared tcase &power steering. 1.3L power pushing 31" tires- hyway and hills are slow.
camps well.
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Here's a throwback shot to our "Expo rig". This setup saw 100k miles throughout the western US. The Sammi was flat towed the entire time and now has 170k and the original engine and trans. Still have the k2500, Sammi, but the Lance has moved on. Need to dig out the analogy photos.....Loved that setup!



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This is my 2010 SX4. 2.125" RR lift, Geolander ATs, Primitive Racing skid plate and diff armor. It has 2wd, AWD, and 4wd. No low range, but great on and off road. Room for the full oversized AT spare, tools and recovery gear under the cargo floor. I've taken on some of the washes and dessert trails in Southern California. So far so good. Curious to see how the CVT holds up.IMG_20190217_111151.jpgIMG_20190217_111209.jpgIMG_20190217_111530.jpgIMG_20190217_111521.jpgIMG_20190217_111548.jpg

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I'm fortunate enough to have country like this in my back yard. You can actually see my house in this picture, between the Samurai and my elbow. We have lots of OHV / narrow trails in the area, and the Samurai is small enough to easily use them.

jon and samurai top of pine nuts.jpg


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My Jim in Romania this past summer. Spent a bit more than a week on the trails in Transylvania. Can absolutely recommend! The Jim didn’t miss a beat. Did about 5000kms in 2 weeks (two very long drives either end), but we had 2 days where it took 5 hours to do 25 km because of the terrain. Loved it!



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I'm sorta new here, I never expected so much love for the Samurais! Nice to see. I have been working on a LWB for 8 months or so, getting the body fixed up took me 6, I thought I'd have the whole thing done in that time! haha, unfortunately I have no pictures of the completed tub as its in storage now but here are some models I made for the concept.

I've got a VW TD for her, and a 4" lift on the way. My plans are to build a sleeping platform in it and use it to camp in the backwoods for a few weeks at a time, while touring Canada coast to coast to coast.

I know this post is 9 years old, but I built something similar with my last zuk. 18" frame stretch, 60" flatbed.



We finally found One! Drove from Florida to Virginia Beach to pick up our '96 Tracker and used a tow dolly to bring it home behind the '94 F250 idit 4x4. The PO had already done some modification. Bigger vented brakes from the 4 door, suspension and small body lift and trail tough tube bumpers and a 10k winch. I have a 1.9 VW AHU TDI engine on the way from I'm collecting all the parts I'll need to do the swap while I'm waiting for delivery. More psignal-2020-08-22-221021.jpgictures soon!


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She's more of a "going to town" rig than an expo rig, but she does have a mini spool in the back with a lunchbox up front so she will go places.