suv vs p/u


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I have been using my Super Duty for camping duties the last 3 years. I love it but currently I has to be used for lots of other things it's way better at.

I do more off road camping than the campground style.

I still like the full size rigs. The space and if you don't mind a dent they fit very well 99% of places.

So I have 2 choices right outside my door both need work.

First 1990 ramcharger 360 435 4 speed

Second 1996 dodge 1500 ex cab short box 360 5 speed

I have owned the ramcharger 3 years and it just has never been the truck but bits hear. Lifted but need put back together.

The truck had had a hard life but that's an easy fix.

I like the truck because you and your gear are separated and there is a bit more storage. The suv short wheel base is nice off road but also limits your options. 99% of the time it's my wife my self and 2 small dogs ( frank the Pug shorty the chawinie).

I am leaning toward a RTT and with the truck I can keep it lower. Suv I would have to cut the back off and make a baby truck to do so. This option has crossed my mind as well.

What are your thoughts.


Seems you already decided you want the truck. No pro for the SUV at all with your wants/needs esp since you would make it a truck anyway.


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Truck with FWC on the back the best way to go for just two adults and some ankle biters. Only reason we have a SUV is for butts in seats capacity.


I had a 95 full size bronco. It was so cool. 351 auto, tons of power, and would go anywhere. But, not much room. Granted I wish I'd kept it today, I sold it due to its limited space. Tuff decision.


The RC is more unique, but limited on space. Body parts behind the A pillar a little harder to find. Still has a cool factor though.
The truck can easily be upgraded to 3/4 ton or 1 ton axles. Much more repair parts available, aftermarket too.
But how much different is the truck than the Superduty?
Me, I'd keep the RC, put a 5 speed in it with a Chevy passenger drop NP 241 and rock it. Oh and 3/4 ton axles if it does not already have them. 14 bolt and a Dana 44 8 lug, cheap, easy and plentiful. You could get creative and do a drivers drop NP241 and a HP 8 lug Dana 44 from a 3/4 ton Ford too.
If you miss the Dodge truck and decide later you would rather have it, they are a dime a dozen and the RC sale would easily finance another pickup.


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The RC is on 1ton axles now. The truck would be on the same axles.

But let's take what rigs they are out and what I think.

What do you all think is better.

Pros and cons