SUV Camper Conversion NEW - AWD 2005 Chevy Equinox - Stealth Camper - Solar Energy - Filtered Water - Sink - Stove - Fridge/Freezer - Bed


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This Brand New Camper Build is a Self-Sustainable Stealth RV built on an All-Wheel Drive 2005 Chevy Equinox LS (3.4L V6) that provides all of the free energy, drinking water, sleep space, storage and privacy you need to Enjoy Living Anywhere in the World, Rent-Free and Utility-Free!


Wake up in front of a mountain. Work next to a river. Camp on a beach. This brand new camper build makes it all possible and comes equipped with every item you need to hit the road today, conveniently organized in Six Easy-Access Storage Compartments!


Working, relaxing and sleeping in this camper is a breeze! The interior of the camper provides ample space to fit a twin mattress, so we included an Ozark Trail Inflatable Twin Mattress, electric air pump and the Ozark 5-Person SUV Tent which connects to the camper with the tailgate open to create additional living space. The Window Curtains and Windshield Cover provide Complete Privacy day and night, while the Full-Motion Rotating Laptop Mount and Steering Wheel Desk give you multiple options to eat and work comfortably in any seat. The WeatherTech Rain Guards allow you to crack the windows open at night to let the cool breeze in while keeping any potential rain out. The wood has been treated with polyurethane for extra protection against heat, water and general wear and tear.


The Renogy Solar Power 12V System provides 2400 Watt Hours of Free Energy Every Day. That's enough energy to run the installed fridge/freezer, oscillating fan and LED lights for 24 hours a day while keeping your phone, laptop and other electronics fully charged and operational! Equipped with USB plug-ins, cigarette lighter plug-ins and standard outlets for all electronics, you can conveniently control all connected devices via the LED switch panel. Two 12V 200AH Renogy Batteries included.


The 21-Gallon Water Filtration System purifies and provides fresh potable drinking water. As water enters the 16-Gallon Fresh Water Tank it is treated by Camco Tastepure’s Water Filter and Drinking Water Freshener, then stored until dispensed from the Foldable Rotating Faucet of the Kohler Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink into the 5-Gallon Grey Water Tank. Easy to fill, use and drain!


Next to the sink, the Kitchen & Dining Area includes a Slide-Out Wooden Drawer custom-fitted for a Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove (which comes included with the camper!), as well as a Dual-Use Slide-Out Wooden Cutting Board and Dining Table. Best of all, this kitchen comes equipped with the Dometic CFX28 Electric Powered Fridge/Freezer Combo! All items are brand new, we did testing only.


We installed two of the four LED Lights on the interior of the tailgate, so when opened the tailgate shines bright light directly onto the kitchen and dining area! The LED lights are controlled by a dimmer switch so you can set them to your preferred level of brightness. With this kitchen, you can store, freeze, chop, clean and cook all the food you want, at any time!


On the outside, this camper looks like a regular SUV, as it was built with the goal to maintain a low profile. That means you can park this camper virtually anywhere that cars are allowed to park and therefore do not have to pay to sleep at RV parks. Enjoy the peace and quiet when you're sleeping in this covert camper. Go full stealth mode and live rent-free!


To fortify this camper as “Road Ready” as possible, we included the Ozark Trail 5-Person Camping SUV Tent which combines the inside of the SUV and tent to create a larger, multi-sectional living space. We also included other essential camper items such as a Propane Space Heater, Coleman Propane Cylinders, Portable Shower, Pop-Up Shower Tent, Portable Toilet, Car Cover, Oscillating Fan, WeatherTech Window Rain Guards, Adjustable Cup Holders, Lightweight Water Hose, Heavy Duty Floor Mats, BELL Dual Bike Rack and more! See below for the Complete List of Bonus Items.


Converted from a Professionally Maintained AWD 2005 Chevy Equinox LS, this camper has received all regularly scheduled maintenance to date and runs excellent! Inspected and Certified by three auto shops: Goodyear, Libera Trucking and Larry’s Service Center. We can provide contact info for all three shop managers. Read below for complete list of All Chevy Equinox Upgrades.


The Alternator Switch allows you to use the engine’s alternator as a second source to power the house batteries, while the Victron Smart Battery Monitor & Temperature Sensor allows you to better maintain your batteries and track your energy usage and charging systems via the compact 2" LED display inside the camper, as well as on your smartphone via the Victron Connect App.


We will provide a complete list of links to the Amazon product pages for all items purchased and installed, as well as a detailed record of all maintenance and upgrades performed on the Chevy Equinox over the past three years.


The camper is located in Hollywood, Florida for in-person pickup. Cash only for in-person pickup. After the test drive and payment I will sign the title over to you and hand you the keys. I will show you how to use everything on the camper, and you can always feel free to call me with any questions following your purchase. Only those who bring payment in hand will be able to test drive the camper.

If you prefer to have the camper shipped to you, you will be responsible for covering the shipping costs, and we will use a reputable bank to hold the payment in escrow until you receive the camper. uSHIP is a service that both ships the car and holds the payment for the seller, then releasing it upon confirmed delivery of the camper. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you!



- Renogy 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panels (2)
- Renogy 100W 12V Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Panel (1)
- Renogy Deep Cycle AGM 12V 200AH Batteries (2)
- Renogy Rover 30 Amp 12V/24V DC Input MPPT Solar Charge Controller
- Giandel 2200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC
- Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor with Battery Temperature Sensor
- Alternator Switch (allows you to use alternator to charge house batteries)
- LED Switch Panel with USB Charging Port & Cigarette Socket
- Interior LED Track Lights (4) with 12V LED Dimmer Switch
- Kohler Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Foldable Rotating Faucet
- 16-Gallon Fresh Water Tank and 5-Gallon Gray Water Tank
- Bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pump with Pump Switch
- Camco TastePure Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector
- Slide-Out Kitchen Drawer with Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove
- Dual Slide-Out Wooden Cutting Board and Dining Table
- WeatherTech In-Channel Rain Guards (Brand New)
- Dometic CFX28 12V Electric Powered Fridge Freezer
- Full-Motion Rotating Laptop Mount
- Window Curtains (4) with Windshield Cover for Complete Privacy
- Various Size Storage Compartments
- Curt Trailer Hitch with 2” Receiver (Brand New)
- Kuat Pivot Swing Away Extension (Brand New) with Spare Tire Carrier (Brand New)


- Car Cover Protector with Cable Lock
- Ozark Trail 5-Person Camping SUV Tent (combines inside of SUV and tent) (Brand New)
- Ozark Trail Inflatable Twin Mattress (fits inside camper)
- Electric Air Pump (for inflatable mattress) (Brand New)
- Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Propane Space Heater (Brand New)
- Coleman Propane Fuel Cylinders 16 oz (2) (Brand New)
- Portable Solar Shower with On-Off Switchable Shower Head (Brand New)
- Wolfwise Pop-up Shower Tent (Brand New)
- Hopkins Go Gear 12V Oscillating Fan (Brand New)
- LED Collapsible Lanterns (2) (Brand New)
- Mosquito Netting Window Covers (for all 4 windows) (Brand New)
- Laptop/Eating Steering Wheel Desk (Brand New)
- Feager Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow Headrest Cushion with Washable Cover
- Heavy Duty Floor Mats (2) (Brand New)
- Adjustable Cup Holders (2) (Brand New)
- Camco TastePure Drinking Water Freshener 16 oz (New - opened for testing only)
- Silver Bullet Lightweight Expanding Pocket Hose w/ Removable Nozzle 50 ft. (Brand New)
- Libera Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad / Inflatable Camping Mat (Brand New)
- Auto Expressions Front Seat Covers (used)
- BELL Dual Bike Rack (used)


- A/C Compressor (Brand New)
- Rear Air Shocks (Brand New)
- Serpentine Belt (Brand New)
- Front Brakes and Rotors (Brand New)
- Carrier Bearing (Brand New)
- Front & Rear Sway Bar Links (Brand New)
- U Joint (Brand New)
- Front Driver Side Headlight (Brand New)
- Front Drive Axle (Replaced 2019)
- New Battery (Replaced 2019)
- New 02 Sensor and Mass Air Flow Sensor (Replaced 2019)
- Engine Air Filter (Replaced 2019)
- All 4 Tires (Replaced 2019)


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