Surus: 2017 Power Wagon build


was chatting with Lewis Built and told him my plans for the arms. he's going to pull the bungs for the Johnny Joints out a little bit and to get me some extra length since I'll be pushing the front axle forward. cool to know the guy making your radius arms is on the same page as you
Cool! The more I look at his arms, the more I realize that they represent a tremendous value when you consider that even a simple set of brackets that just move the radius arm mount are $500 by themselves.

Looking forward to hearing your tboughts.


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Lewis Built arms showed up over the weekend apparently - I've been out of town since last Tuesday so who knows that they look like. I do know that they weigh 45lbs a piece though, which does not sound like a good time.

otherwise, on my drive back from the airport in Cincinnati, i reset the fuel economy and set the cruise control at 70. Over the 128 miles back to my office i averaged 15.6MPG with the new gears with the GFC on the back. Really pleased.