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I picked up a TigerShark 11.5k lb in the fall and it seems solid, good reviews and synthetic rope for $6-700 I think. That said, the paperwork wasn't the clearest and I had to get the solenoid extension kit to relocate it to the bumper. I found the wire extension kit on Amazon no problem, but the paperwork wasn't clear for my model, but listed others.

I called Westin directly, the new owners, and they were pretty useless. Claimed to have looked and looked and couldn't quite understand my question after I'd explained it to them a number of times in email and on the phone, send them pics, etc. Seems they're mostly worried about selling running boards and other bs, but so long as the you've got paperwork or more experience than me, and access to parts later, the product itself has good reviews longstanding going back quite a while from all I've read and guys I've spoken to.


I didn’t know they were bought out. I have a Tiger Shark 9.5 that I picked up years ago that continues to operate without flaws.


I was always interested in the model with the external brake for use with synthetic line. I am also curious about if they are still selling old stock and/or if what they are selling have been cheapened if they are actually making winches