Super Singles for F450


Looking for options for super single wheels for a 2017 F450. I'll be replacing 19.5's and while I want to go somewhat taller I'm not looking for anything extreme. I don't think beadlocks are necessary either. Suggestions for options and sources?


Take a look at what Rickson and Buckstop has to offer.

To maintain GVWR, you pretty much have to go with 22.5s (common on earlier Earthroamers) or 20x11 beadlocks.

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I just talked to Stockton Wheel about super single for my E450 short bus. They can build me a 16x10" wheel with a 1/2" thick center and whatever backspacing I want, that is gawdawful strong...for $235ea. I think they do 19.5's as well.

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I can't help you with the wheel suggestions, because we were able to use stock 10-bolt semi-truck wheels on our ambulance.

But, I can tell you that we have been quite pleased with our 22.5 inch tires. So if you end up with a 22.5 inch rim, 9-10 inches wide, take a look at the DynaCargo tires. We got the Y601 on/off road tires, from Simple Tire (online). They are speed rated for highway cruising use, but also have a moderately decent tread for trail use. And their weight rating works for our medium duty truck, which formerly had 19.5 inch dual rear wheels.