Sunnto Watches - Vector and X3HR


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First one: Suunto Vector Khaki watch for sale. It has been worn, has a couple light scratches are visible. It needs a new battery. The watch does not come with a manual, however the Suunto website has a downloadable one.

The Suunto Vector wrist- top computer combines an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer, letting you plan and execute almost any activity with confidence and safety. I have the original box. The battery compartment cover has some slight damage, as it is a pain in the butt to remove.

Looking for $85 shipped to the lower 48.

Second: Suunto X3HR.* It has been used a few times, before the HR monitor stuff was lost. The screen is perfect and has a nearly new battery. The watch does almost anything you need.

Looking for $45 shipped to the lower 48.
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Suunto Vector questions:

Are the scratches on the clear face?
What sort of shape is the wrist strap in?
How old is the watch?



There are a few light scratches on the clear lens, looking at it straight on they are barely noticeable, but on an angle they can be seen. The strap is in excellent condition, with not rips, cracks or worn out holes. The watch has been in a drawer the past few years. I believe that the watch is about 6 years old. I can't remember when I got it. I have the original box, I will see if I can find out the mfg date.


Updated Pricing

Vector - Looking for $85 shipped to the lower 48.

X3HR - Looking for $45 shipped to the lower 48.