Sunlite Skyhawk relocate tie down points! Newbie!

Hello guys/gals,

We just purchased our first pop up truck camper. We purchased a 2003 Sunlite Skyhawk in excellent condition and starting to make it our own.

I have a 2013 ram 1500 with air bags and I want to use ratchet straps to secure the camper in all four corners using the factory tie down points in the bed of the truck. The problem that I'm having is the factory eye bolts in the camper are outside the bed rails of my truck. I would like to relocate them closer to the centre of the camper to have a straight pull on the ratchet straps.

Has anyone done this? Any help or pictures would be greatly appreciated!



Roaming ROF
I replaced and relocated mine inboard when I redid the interior of my Eagle. I suggest you use turnbuckles. They will stay tight and be easier to install than straps.

tie down.JPG tiedown location.JPG

That is exactly what I was talking about, thanks for the pictures! Do you have any movement with the camper secured like that? I'm hoping I can do similar to what you have done without tearing apart the camper too much.


Roaming ROF
Nope, no movement at all. Been on the truck for a couple of years now. You should be able to access the areas without too much trouble. Front left was the hardest (had to remove the propane tank compartment).


Roaming ROF
I just gutted and updated the interior. Painted the 80s dark wood paneling, rebuilt all of the cabinets. Is was in good shape to begin with but I just wanted make it a little more modern.
Sounds good! We will be doing the same thing.

I notice in your picture you have an awning, what kind did you go with?

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