Sulfur Smell?


So my 05 Tacoma hit 70,000 a month or two ago driving back from Washington to Arizona. Since our arrival in Prescott, however, I've occasionally noticed a sulfur smell that I can only guess is coming from the truck. I've heard of sulfur smells being associated with catalytic converters, however that was a while ago, and I'm not sure who was telling me that. I generally only notice it after shutting parking/shutting off the engine. If it helps any, the truck is a V6 6 speed. Any thoughts?



The source is most likely the catalytic converter. The cause may be something simple like a fuel mixture that is too rich (I'd check for a clogged air filter, bad oxygen sensor, or similar problems on the intake side) or a catalytic converter that overheated (towing heavy loads at high speeds, long climbs in a fully loaded truck, etc.) or possibly both.

It might also be outgassing from your battery, but that's only a remote possibility as most batteries are sealed now. Still, it's another thing to check.


Over at www.toyota120.com there is a similar thread about the sulfur smell and it seams to be a known toyota problem with a TSB from the dealership. People are getting new cats from the dealership under warranty up to 80,000 miles.


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It's your catalytic converter- take it to your local dealer and they should replace it for you. I had mine replaced on my 05 at around 55,000 miles for free. I know it was the first year for a new truck and I should have waited, but dang these 05s have a lot of issues. :(