Suitability of modding hard-sided popups for offroad use


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Congrats on the purchase.

For solar and battery stuff go over to electrical section. Much more info there. You wont be able to run the ac on a battery bank, unless you empty the bank account. But for general use you cant go too wrong with 100 amp hour of lifepo4 or 200 amp hours of lead and 2-300 watts of solar if you keep the loads small esp with led lights. If you want to run anything of decent size on the inverter bump the battery to 200 amps of lifepo4 or 400 of lead and a 1500 watt inverter.

And you might want to crawl under the trailer and see if there is any obvious places you could easily reinforce the frame.
Thanks. I'll check out their electrical stuff.

I'll look at the frame, but admittedly with the underside insulation there may not be a lot I can do without tearing into it, so that may not happen. I am debating folding side skirts similar to what commercial tractor trailers use that could be deployed for highway use and retracted when not on the highway. I'm likely going to put some stainless sheet metal around the cooktop on the counter and on the walls to make cleanup easier.

I'm also considering if I should make change to the propane plumbing. It's soft lines right now. At a minimum I will want to make sure they're very securely attached, but I'll see if any feel like they're at risk of being crushed in a high-centering and require rerouting or replacing with black pipe.

Trailer brake controller kit supposedly arrives Thursday, hopefully it won't be too much of a bear to install. Ordered a Redarc with the remote knob, will mount it high and fairly centered for easy access.