Suggestions to Improve Hiace Clearance


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Hello all,
My bride and I picked up a sweet 1994 Hiace campervan in February and we are having a good time getting it out into the NV desert. It is a capable 4x4 machine, given it's heavy weight and small tire size, but the low clearance between the front wheels is killing us.

I have played around with my gains if I adjusted the torsion bars, and didn't gain that much and maxed out the suspension. Bigger tires seems to require significant modification of the fender wells, doors, and air filter space. I can armor the bottom, but that's not ideal.

Does anyone have experience, ideas or suggestions on how to get a couple more inches without a huge front end suspension fabrication/mod?



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Which model do you have? From the tiny pic it doesn't look like a super custom.

They come with coil or with leaf springs. Always Torsion in the front.
Ours is with leaf suspension. We raised it roughly 8 Or 9 cm. Half of that in suspension, half with 225/75R16 wheels, which indeed required bodywork in the front. The rear doesn't require mods.

There should be a post about this on HiaceHobo website.