Suggestions to hardware purchase sites/locations? Good locks,latches,handles?


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Hi All,

Well, Ive burned myself out looking at good lockable handles + hinges for my diy camper box door.

Looking to make it look nice, so flush mounted, somewhat decent lockable handles would be nice, along with an extra deadbolt just for kicks.. would be nice to open from the inside too.heh!

Curious if anyone has any suggestions, go to places to find decent hardware like this?

I'm in the stage of building the entry door, so am looking for hinges, handle, lock, seals

Every time I search here on the forums for any of those, cant seem to find any specific hits.

The door is going to open 180 degrees, so I can use it as a holder for my kitchen shelf, so piano hinges come to mind..just trying to figure out the security part..(Keep the pins from getting popped out by unscrupulous bastards):Wow1:

looking forward to hearing what you all have to say :)


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Thankyou both for replying.

Ah,yes, Mcmasters! Looked at them, then promptly forgot I was supposed to give them another look see last evening. So,thankyou for the reminder.lolz

Ohoh,just pulled up Allegis..gonna be there a while,me thinks! :)

Thanks again!


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THank you MotoDave & Verkstad,

Yes, been noticing our European and Aussie cousins seem to get better designed "toys" to play with.:Wow1:

I've been looking around for a good local locksmith, since yesterday when I googled deadbolt. LoL! Gonna replace the innard quick quick!

PS. I'm going to hold off posting pics till the project is complete. (85%).. just so I can do the road/dry tests first, and have good info to put out there.
Not a stick of structural wood/potential rot material anywhere on it,,well,cept once I do the interior, and thats just for a "warming decor effect"..and IF that wood gets wet, it means I screwed up on sealing the exterior!:snorkel:

Heading over to those links to check out the goodies!


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Well, Looks like its southco for of my biggest pet peeves anymore is I want to be able to quickly order online. (welcome to the 21stcentury,lol) and I was able to find a local distributor of their pieces ( which has prices, and a cart,,and the fact I can download the CAD file and drop it right into my drawings is a serious bonus!

Happy happy!

So many nice choices from all over tho,,truly boggles the mind:mixed-smiley-030::yikes: