Suggestions for onboard water system?


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I'm planning on adding a water system to my trailer. I already have the tank and pump picked out, but I wanted to see what everyone is using for the spigot/faucet/sprayer/exterior attachment. I want something that I can mount in the wall for easy access from the outside, so something that is recessed or inside a hatch would be best, and I want to be able to attach a nozzle on a short hose and/or one of those portable propane water heaters. Any suggestions?

Something like this maybe: 71OmTJYU3WL._AC_SL1500_.jpg


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I steered away from one of those portable LP heaters once I saw the altitude ceilings in the manual.. most are lower than my back yard.. I'mna go like teardropper and get a pressurized steel container I can put right on a burner and also use as a reusable fire extinguisher since pressure really helps kill the charcoal and we always in severe fire conditions.

I too like jugs, can keep em in heated area in winter and edge of the seasons and they are cheap and easy to toss if they get contaminated.. I got one big 7g jug for home water, drinking and coffee and then another I refill where I can for dog water/dishwater/fire water/etc.. I like putting the jugs in the back of my SUV and filling em up at like a general store or even filter it out of a lake/river and not having to packup the trailer and move it closer.


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I didn't know that about the water heaters. I'm at 7000', so I'll have to look into that. Nothing wrong with the blue 7 gallon jugs, I have a few of them too.


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I have a ball valve with a quick release, but that’s far from flush/surface mount, so probably doesn’t help. I do love our Loc-Line with shutoff as a faucet - very versatile stuff.


I'm a weeder spray shower fan too. Mix a quart of hot water with another quart of water and you're set. Simple, effective, low maintenance and cheap. But its low on the WOW factor if you're into impressing people with fancy new gadgets.


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There's varying reports on altitude success with tankless LP camp style ones, with some digging I found enough reports of people struggling to get em going and 10kft is pretty average around here, I'll go up to 12k and dont wanna guinni pig that stuff.. I was only willing to go for it if it was simple and reliable.. most use for hot water setup will be washing dishes for me, showers will be secondary.. dont need showers every day but need to keep all the food cleaned up to keep bears outta my crap without freezing my fingers off in the process.. Right now doing dishes is by far the most convoluted and miserable thing when boondocking, especially in the off seasons with nearly frozen water supplies.
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That little beast sucks 16 amp-hours. You'd have to have a large 12-v battery bank to keep it cranking.

You are correct. It uses 16A/H. It's rare that you need to run it a full hour... Most times its only 15-20 minutes to get really hot water. This brings it down to 4amps. That is very reasonable.