Suggestions for London weekend - 2/20-21

Good day all,

I'm in the UK on business and my weekend just freed up completely. I have all day Saturday 2/20 and Sunday 2/21 and would like some suggestions - I'm hoping some of our British members could make some recommendations for me. I'm staying in Victoria (right next to St. James Park) but willing to travel a bit for the right opportunity.

Things I'd be interested in:
  • Military or off-road vehicle shows/events (if there happen to be any going on)
  • Military or off-road vehicle museum
  • 4WD challenge course, training, or experience (I've looked up a few online and there seem to be some good options, but would love to hear from someone who has actually experienced one of them)
  • Military vehicle driving experience (there are some options online, but hard to tell what it would be like from the descriptions)
  • Meeting up with some fellow enthusiasts and sharing a pint (I'll even buy the first round, or two)
  • Etc..

I am looking for something good, not necessarily the cheapest option (I would rather spend a little more and have a good experience).

Let me know what suggestions you have and THANK YOU in advance for giving it some consideration.

Great suggestions, thanks. Train is easy to catch, I'm right by the St. James underground so easy to pop over to Paddingon or Kings Cross and head out from there.

Thanks again for the help!

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Just in case anyone looks here for advice going forward:
- the imperial war museum in Lambeth is small but includes Laurence of Arabia’s motorbike which is awesome!
- the Army Museum got a recent refurb and I do t know what it’s like but it is on the Chelsea Hospital. If you don’t know what a Chelsea Pensioner is have a google! Amazing institution.
If you’re into guns, and not the s*itty plastic tactical type bear in mind London is home to the richest tradition of unbelievable hand made super-high-end guns from houses like Holland & Holland (nr. Berkeley Square) Purdey and their famous long-room on South Audley Street and William Evans, Rigby & Co (famous for its big game guns) etc.

And if your in town give me a shout!
Don't miss the Britt museum, tons of history. Most of it plundered thru the years but interesting non the less.
Yes! When the tag says the object was “acquired”.... that said it’s a history of adventurers but in a time when you plundered and brought spoils back to the king!
And it’s awesome to stand within a foot of THE Rosetta Stone
I was going to say the same thing but didn't want to seem geeky. BTW I thought it said 'Eat at Joes Bar and Grill'. Westminster Abbey is another must see, the Poets wing was incredible, Chaucer, Tennyson etc.