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Any of you guys happen to know stock muffler inlet/outlet size for 2001 6.0? Can't find it on the internet, and not around my truck to measure. Thanks.


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IF you have one, a creeper and set of callipers is the best way to find the answer.... you think lol
From my '02 2500HD XC LB 6.0: Rough measurement using channel lock pliers (no caliper available) dual 3# in & out. Dual out reduced to single almost immediately. Hangs far too low.


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6.0 SUV's usually have a dual in/dual out muffler and a "Y" after with a single tailpipe. It's an odd size pipe, about 2-3/4".

The outlet spacing usually works out ok for most dual outlet mufflers, a muffler shop can expand a 2-1/2" dual outlet muffler enough to work with the factory tailpipe.

The inlets are staggered and won't line up with any aftermarket muffler. Custom pipe work is required on that side.

Even though an aftermarket muffler is thinner you can't really get any extra ground clearance as it has to be mounted low enough for the outlets to go under the rear frame crossmember and the bottom of the muffler ends up in the same place as stock, the inlet pipes have to aim down to meet the lower muffler position. I guess you could mount the muffler on an angle but that looks dumb to me so I've never done it that way...