Subframe & Camper Box leveling while parked


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Hey All,

Hope everyone is doing well. I've begun building a expo rv based of a 2001 BAE m1088 chassis. Once the build gains momentum past the standard items I'll start a build thread, although I'm not great at write ups--I'll try my best.

As I begin to piece everything together, I have a few questions still remaining that I haven't been able to figure out. I've read the subframe thread, and decided on a 4 point system. What I am unsure about, is the best way to level the camper box in the event we are parked at a decent angle or not level ground. My assumption is the subframe will flex away from the chassis a bit, but how do we ensure level habitation box overnight? I've read about some of the Unicat or Action Mobil truck's and their 'auto level' systems, but can't find much more information than that.

Apart from building a subfloor in my camper box above the floor base, I can't figure out a way (and I don't want to go this route as that seems overly technical and expensive).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Honestly, rocks and blocks of wood are what I would go with and work with that to get the box as level as possible. It's cheaper and far simpler than installing some complicated air level system that introduces another point of failure, that's not something you want, especially if you plan to venture past north america.

I have seen hydraulic jacks used on some expesive heavy expedition vehicles they would come down from the frame.


I'd say keep it simple and spend a little more time finding a level spot to camp vs spending a bunch of time and money on a leveling system.

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