Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!


Kapitis Indagatoris
We finally took the plunge ..... Living in the Rockies the last 9 years and being told about and seeing the capabilities of Subarus we finally did our homework and ordered a new 21 Crosstrek, 6 speed manual. We had to order it due to only being two in the US with the options, color and manual we wanted (wife wanted), one in California and the other in Florida.....both kinda far from Boulder, Co. Anyway, we're now 7 weeks out (10 weeks total) and we get routine updates from Subaru USA on the build status. Hope to have it time for next winter!
I won't be building it up since it'll be out light weight traveler (think back packing weight) but, it will see some mountain trails and passes as we continue to explore Colorado!


I too recently ordered a 21 Crosstrek Premium with a manual. Was in the same boat as well; only 2 cars in the entire state of TX where I live. One was under a recall notice and the other was over 800 miles away-well outside of the area the dealership would trade for. It was fine anyway, I didnt like the color of either. I ordered my car on my birthday, 03/17 and it should be in before the end of this month. Im stoked as I have never ordered a vehicle before and got to select color, options, etc. Like you, I am going to try and keep myself from going wild with mods on this vehicle and will use it for accessing trailheads and maybe hauling my wife and I's yaks. Subarus are such capable little rigs and I am looking forward to getting out and using ours to the fullest. Make sure you post up pics when yours comes in. Have a great weekend!