Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!



And just what do you think that "subframe drop" is.

Oh, right. Body spacers.

You do gain 4 inches of body clearance but your true ground clearance (ground to diff) is only a gain of 2'' because of your 2'' sub frame drop.


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it fit pretty well up there, the wires are hidden inside the factory rail molding and enter the vehicule on the rear hatch




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I know this isn't of my vehicle but since there isn't a option for just subaru stuff I'll post it here.
A group of people from the subarus offroad Facebook page have put in motion a plan for a "Subaru Spring Jamboree" next year in moab, so you can find the page on Facebook with all the info they have so far. We need as much interest and help as possible to make it happen. Thanks everyone!
I tried to post a link to the page but I'm not allowed to post links so ya.....

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Can you please give detail on the ARB awning setup and how you mounted it to the vehicle. I have a 2015 Forester and want to do the same setup. Also, any other pertinent info would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Hey old1959, mine is the arb 2500. The only way I could get the room is to buy the biggest awning they have. If you just want the awning itself you can just get the arb 1250. The hardware I used was what I could find at a hardware store. It does alright for now, but I will probably get these brackets for it soon.