Subaru owners: Let's see your expedition rigs!


There are many Subarus in Expedition Portal! let's see.

Well this is my father's '93 Subaru Loyale DLX MPFI (EA82) 4WD (Part-Time with low range) with 185 R14C Goodyear AT/S tires (185/80 R14) and Peugeot 505 Evolution rims (14x6J and 140x4 lugs).



And a Short vid

in the future:

-2" lift
-Home made roof rack

The lift but not installed still.-

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I don't know if I would call it an expedition rig, but here is mine....

More fun then I thought possible with clothes on. Haha Its got plenty of dirt road miles on it and WILL be sporting an RTT at some point this summer, so it has to count right?


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my expo rig? lol it's my DD and once i get my actual expo rig it'll be my track toy.



Here's my '90 Legacy
It's pretty much stock exept for KYB struts and 80/110 watt headlights (with relays) and is well over 300,000 miles now. It's seen it's share of dirt roads (I live on one), forest roads and snow and has no problem towing my raft trailer over the passes even though it's over 2000lbs. fully loaded. I run Hankook snows on it year round, old ones with studs removed in summer, new studs on good tires every winter.


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Here's my "Trailhead Approach Vehicle":

2002 WRX-Outback - "Frankenstein's Wagon"

Small lift from 2004 Outback Sport springs.
2006 WRX-TR 4-pot/2-pot brakes
STi Seats and trim bits

I've run various oversized M+S tires and taken it a variety of places I was promised only 4x4 trucks could go. Made a curtain kit and camped in the back several times, and generally used it as the most fantastic do-everything daily driver you can imagine. We only moved away from the platform when we had our baby and the amount of "necessary" gear went way up (and the tolerance for rough-camping when way down.)


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This is our Forester, pretty much stock except for rack setup and lightbar. I need to get the driving lights mounted one of these days. This was on its first trip, the car had maybe a thousand miles on it. We took it up and down some pretty crazy trails, while it is no rock climber it certainly got us in and out of some remote spots.

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