Subaru Dual Battery Setups


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it is very possible. Though without breaking it apart and actually testing chemical makeup and other properties, we cannot be 100% certain.

Its one of the standards in the racing world, so its what we have always used in our cars.


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If you want to go to less capacity I would skip the goal zero. For 300 you can make a 60ah lifepo4 pack that weighs 20lbs


The GZ350 w/ inverter weighs about 25lb so it's not particularity heavy but saving weight is never a bad idea. A spent a few minutes looking at LiFePo4 batteries and couldn't find a 12v, 60Ah for $300. Can you post a link?
I did find a 12V, 32Ah for $400 or you could combine three 20ah batteries for a total of $375

I don't know much about LiFePo4 batteries though. I'm curious why there are significant differences in price between batteries that appear to similarly spec'd.
I did enjoy this video where a LiFePo4 battery is compared against a similarly rated and sized AGM battery. The reviewer is using the batteries to power an amateur radio setup so he tests them at .25A, 1A, and a split load of .25A/3A.

A fridge is reported to draw, on average, 1.2A so the test and results are fairly relevant.

My immediate impression is that if weight alone is not the deciding factor then, while a LiFePo4 performs better, the price per Ah is significantly more. For the casual consumer, in the long run, it might be easier to simply buy an AGM battery and plan to replace it more frequently (which in the GZ350 and Yeti is super easy) vs investing in a more expensive and uncommon LiFePo4 .

It should also be noted that the $350 for a GZ350 or $450 for a yeti includes a charging system and inverter. If we are only comparing the cost of batteries the AGM 33Ah battery costs $80 or a like sized 35Ah battery can be sourced for $120
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Standalone 12v LiFePO4 are overpriced due to the limited demand. You are better off buying 3.2v batteries and running them in series.

LiFePO4 can be used pretty similarly to lead acid but I agree that unless you are limited by size or weight you might as well go lead acid for most applications.


Other Subaru Battery Options..

Here are links to a couple of threads I started years ago when I replaced the battery in my '05 Outback..

Depending on what you are looking to do, there is also a nice size spare tire well that could be used for a dual battery set-up, if you are okay without a spare, or relocating it..


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