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So I just got done reading through this

Very cool but it appears to have just ended a year ago. Curious where that ended up? Probably a forgotten about daily driver by now. That sure did seem like a cursed car with all the issues it had. All the way through it seemed that everyone was very confident in the ej25 platform and eventually I'm sure it all got ironed out.

Really getting into these foresters now, considered the outbacks for a bit, but now stuck on foresters possibly the 2000-2005 models as prices aren't much worse in my area. I would definitely look at an outback if price was amazing but for some reason I'm liking the forester more. Even found some 5 speeds locally which I didn't think would be likely. so manual vs auto? any issues with those? Seems like the auto box holds up well and is well liked, same with the manual, of course its more rugged and drivable which is going to win me over in the end.

Received a lot of great info from the portal and the guys in this thread, really appreciate this site and it's wealth of knowledge on adventurous vehicles.


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Consensus on seems to be the automatics have the edge off road, unless you have a low range (which is available elsewhere in the world, and maybe on some older American cars). With a light touch on the throttle you can go very slowly over obstacles, with no clutch burning. In first or second gear the torque split with the auto is 50% front,50% rear, too. (Note, I have a 2009 Forester X auto and have been extremely pleased with it on and off road.)


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Hmmmm that's good info, like the idea of the auto being easier for the wife to drive. Don't expect to ever do a low range conversion although thats pretty cool for a car! I think I'll see whats available locally, drive both and go from there.


I got my 04 Forester out of the shop from having all lube changes, tranny flushed, new battery and it runs great. I have the XS 2.5 about 75K on the engine and 133K on the car. Last idiot I took it to for a radiator flush cracked the radiator and cause the head damage, so insurance put a lower mileage engine in.

It's been a great car, just watch all the fluids and filters and the auto is they way to go, IMO. You can also do the AWD switch trick on the auto for full time 4X4. The auto has a low range!

Guess the Forester is up for sale, I have a 14 Terrain, my F-150, two bikes with only 2 drivers in the house, so..... ? I like the Subby better than the Terrain, but my boss wants the Terrain, LOL. You can't own them all.

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