Sub $400 1st gen front bumpers?


Is there such a thing as a decent sub $400 aftermarket front bumper for the 1st gen Tacoma's?

I had a little "run-in" with another cars rear bumper the other day. Very minor (almost unnoticeable) damage, but the right outboard portion of the bumper was bent in and maybe twisted up just enough to create a nice loud rub every time I take a left turn.

I tried my best to pull and pry it back away from the tire but no luck. Don't want to cut the plastic (but I will if I have to). I haven't checked but I suspect a pick-n-pull front bumper (if I can find one) isn't going to be all that cheap around here, so thought an aftermarket bumper might work.

Nothing fancy or super tough, don't need winch mount but don't care if there is one. Don't want a pipe bumper. Looking around I can only find most common brands for between $1200 - $800.



That is about the best you are going to find for an aftermarket bumper for a gen 1. When you take into account shipping you are looking at a minimum of $800 up to about $1450.


yeah, that's what I'm seeing. not worth it at those prices. may pull bumper and see if I can get a better angle on it once it's off the truck. otherwise, cutting the plastic!

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What color is your Tacoma? I have an '03 in Lunar Silver with the body-color bumpers, flares and door handles and am thinking about getting an aftermarket winchmount front bumper. My stock front bumper has been trimmed at the lower section of each end and the turn signals have been relocated to the headlight nacelles, but if you're interested let me know. Just a couple of bucks towards the new one would help. I'm up in western Sonoma County.


Thanks for the offer Stopwatch. My '03 is white with chrome bumpers, but I think I'll pass and just give bending another try, if that fails I think a minor trim will clear the tire.

I'm hopefully going to be trading up to a slightly newer 4runner in the next year so not that consumed with getting this fixed anymore.

- d