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My 2005 LJ Rubicon came with what I am guessing is a sound deadening insulation on the inside of the hood. Stupid question... is there any other point to that mat? Seems like it would hold a lot of heat in.

Thanks - John


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Holding in the heat isn't much of a concern, as most of it flows around the engine and under the body.

The insulation is there to dampen sounds from the engine. Pulling it out would be the best way to see how/if it changes anything, IMO. It definitely wont hurt anything.

I dont believe the J/K has it, nor does the AEV heat reduction hoods.

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For whatever reason, the TJ-L's(LJ) were the only ones to get the hood insulator. The short wheel base Jeeps never had them.


I took it out of my '05 LJ and haven't looked back. It likes to retain water/mud. Hasn't made much, if any, difference.


Thanks for the input. I think this is going to have to go away just because. If all it does is dampen noise... ummm, the soft top and the BFG muds seem to have the engine noise trumped.... doubt I will be able to hear the engine.

Thanks again.



I believe that piece is also used to supress an engine fire.
I've heard that too. The plastic clips will melt first and the blanket will fall and smother the fire.
No idea how true that is. seems a little far fetched if you ask me, but I'm not an engineer.

If I remember correctly it's a Mercedes thing.


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The only reason for it is sound deadening. If it was used for fire protection it would be included on all jeeps. On the newer JK's it is inculded only on the Sahara's and Rubicons not because they are more prone to catch on fire thank the X or Sport but for sound deadening insulation.


It is for heat and also for fires. It is supposed to help supress the fire. I've seen some cars generate enough heat to warp the hood. Then again, the hood in the sun gets damn hot too. *shrug*.


I think we need to test this "fire retardant" theory out. John; when you remove the mat, you think you can take a lighter to a portion of it and see what happens? I suggest having a fire extinguisher close by just in case.


I actually installed one in my CJ7 when I rebuilt it. My little brother bought a Jeep that had one and I immediately noticed how quiet it was compared to mine. Some people like a lot of noise, but I appreciate not hearing the engine! Extra noise wears on me after a long day driving and causes me to tire much faster. If it were mine, I'd consider keeping it.


It is not the noise or lack of it that has me considering taking this out, it is just wondering what impact it has on under hood temperatures if any. I know there is contention regarding hood vents, etc... but I have used vents on my 2003 TJ and my 2001 Cherokee in the past and "felt" like it improved both. I say felt because I am in no way ever going to do any kind of study to prove it :)

I am not considering vents at this time but maybe will somewhere down the road. If this mat is only to reduce noise (in my soft top, mud tire then I am going to ditch it. If I can confirm it is there for a fire suppression role, I will keep it. Fire is how I lost that 2003 Rubicon, and that was my favorite vehicle of all time.
2003 Rubi 12ledge2 (2).jpg

Damn - miss that jeep and miss Tellico ( where pic was taken) too. I was coming down "schoolbus" at the end of a long day of wheeling. When Jonah, my son snapped this pic, he said, "Dad, you have to see the flex up front!" Life's best times.

So many memories from that rig. Burned to the ground a few years ago, ignition source unknown, driving on the interstate, thankfully I was alone and got out OK with only some small burns on my arm from reaching back into the jeep for my go bag.

I am going to research this more and will share what I find.




Some of my fondest Jeep memories are of Tellico. So aggravating that they closed it. My first excursion was Novemeber of 1997 in a then new TJ where we went down the "Rock Garden" ... very fun times. I still have the TJ with now over 230,000 miles, still fires right up and still leaks oil. On your topic, neither the TJ or our now 12 JK came with the underhood insulation, but I am with you if it's just a noise thing then it should be scrapped.


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