Cascade Wanderer

Well heck... Started out to ride over Colockum Pass Road in Washington State this morning. It was a fine ride until...

Sigh... Fortunately a friendly guy with a Jeep happened by and with a quick tug, the Suzuki was free again!

Thought you guys would get a chuckle out of this. I did!


Nice... I've had that happen before. It's amazing how hard it is to get a bike out of a spot like that. I had to walk a couple of miles to get help for my last stuck like that on a big bike.

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I come in Peace
I don't know what it is about V-Stroms and getting stuck..

Baja on the way to Scorpian Bay I buried my friends up to the swingarm trying to turn it around..




NOT me. Just a pic I found a while ago on the interweb. Thought the piece of equipment on the rear may give a few in this thread some thought....