strange clunk sound

I hear this sound when I back out o fhb garage and turn and hit he brakes but here is the rest of the story. IT isn't for the steering or the brakes. but it does make a sound when you hit the brakes and the weight f the jeep shifts. It does it when I head down the driveway and stop going forward The driveway is flat. sound like something is loose and shifts with me driving after the initial back out and then driving down the driveway it is hard to get it to do it again, it drives fine all the sway bars and disconnect seem to me working, but the other day I couldn't get it to lock in the rear axel is that a possibility. I have crawled under the jeep and grabbed and tried to wiggle everything but to no avail. there are no shiny spots like something is rubbing. i don't think its ball joints (but maybe it is) it is totally drivable so what do you guys think it is . by the its a 2008 jku rubicon auto with 114k on it. do i drive it until it really fails or ? any thoughts? Don't have enough cash on hand to get it into the dealer. for "exploration of the sound"


Some questions that might help you isolate it:
Does it only do it when the Jeep is cold? Have you looked at your engine mounts and body mounts? Perhaps more relevant, have looked at your brakes so see if any of those components are loose? Have you tried duplicating this but with the Jeep in Neutral to eliminate the drive train from consideration?

I have also had stuff like this happen only to find out I had left something clunky under a seat like a fire extinguisher or some tool.



I had a weird clunk that happened when I turned right. I was getting really irritated because it was about a week old! :littlefriend:

Then after checking all the steering components, joints, etc., I figured out it was a ratchet strap that I was storing in the rear cubby. :********:


Check the slide pins and bushings on the brakes. They should be greased with a hi temp silicone based grease


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Retorque all suspension bolts. The 8 arm bolts, both track bars etc. if its still there, check the brake caliper bolts and re torque those. if its still there, check the suspension swaybar links. After you do all of that, and you still get the noise come back to me and I will have a few more other places to check.

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