Stove: Camp Chef Everest vs Stansport High Ouput


I've had a Camp Chef Weekender for over 10 years and have been very happy with it, It's big and heavy but it outperforms anything I had before.


I had to revive this thread with an update. I purchased the Camp Chef Everest stove last June. I've used it twice since then. I've noticed that yes, the knobs are a little tight and it is difficult to adjust to a low flame, but it can be done. I am a big fan of the bigger BTU output as I like my breakfast cooked in less than an hour and the old Coleman propane with what 5k BTU was barely a hand-warmer compared to this stove. Takes about 20 minutes with this stove. HOWEVER - and this is upper-case for a reason. Both times I have used the stove, which equals every time I've used the stove, flames randomly shoot out the plastic top of the regulator. I tried everything I knew to try - re-seating the connections, making sure nothing was causing any stress to the connections, using the burner furthest away, nothing works. You cannot leave this stove unattended. I finally contacted Camp Chef support - if you have this problem, go directly to support, as the chat-line people are clueless as to what products they sell and how they work. At first they requested a receipt. Well, I'm not digging around for a receipt for an issue like this, - it is a life-threatening defect in the equipment. For some reason they had to have pictures of the regulator and the bottom of the stove, which I sent them. After getting the pictures, they quickly sent out a new regulator. I'll see how that works the next time I'm out which should be in about a month. Just because this is how I roll, I think I will try sealing the top of the old regulator with epoxy and keep the new one as a backup :)

At any rate, I find it disturbing that such an expensive stove comes with plastic fittings on one of the most life-critical parts. That's the downside of buying stuff online.
Mine's failed that way once as well. I suspect they all will eventually. Good idea to keep a spare regulator set on hand. They are not expensive if you buy directly from camp chef.

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Okay guys with the Everest stove, how well are you able to do low temperature work like simmering or warming?


I had the same dilemma you did, and while close, I think the Everest fared slightly higher. Both have twice the output of a Coleman.

I ended up getting the stansport, as I found it for sale locally.

I think you will be happy with either one.

On a side note for the stansport, I can fit a gsa griddle, and a dish towel underneath the grill when it is folded up. The prevents any rattling during transport.