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I'm down to the home stretch on my storage box project, going to get some carpeting tonight. For those of you who have carpeted your boxes, did you attached the carpet in the drawers or just lay it down so it can be removed for cleaning/replacement if needed or did you glue it/carpet tape? Across the top of the box, same thing, did you glue it or carpet tape?

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Liquid Nail

I just finished the box portion of my sleeping platform last night, and I used a tube Liquid Nail to glue the carpet and staples pin the carpet down. The area I glued was 6’x4’ and with one tube of glue I came up short :(.


I used 3M spray adhesive and staples where the carpet wraps under. I only have carpet on the top and the fronts of the drawers. Inside the drawers, I didn't use adhesive and just laid rubber tool chest/drawer liner material. The weight of the contents and friction keeps it in place.

The only thing I would have done different (WRT the carpet) would be to use a better quality. I used the cheapo $10 Walmart carpet they sell in the auto section. It's REALLY thin. Not that I would spend much on carpet, but in hindsight I would have bought some indoor/outdoor carpet like you can get at the hardware store.


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Old box, glued exterior grade carpet to the wood then stapled the edges.

Current sleeping platform / rear storage area cover is again covered with exterior grade carpet and simply stapled in place and it's held up very well for the past couple of years it's been in there including numerous 4x4 trips.

If I ever change my mind and elect to glue the carpet on, I can simply remove the staples and either glue and re-staple the old carpet on or use new carpet and glue then staple it in place.


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We used the 3M glue when I did auto upholestry. Sprayed on both surfaces and gave it a minute or 2 tack time. Rarely would it ever come loose.

If/when I did something I was just going to get the carpet that Parts Express sells but I like the idea of the marine carpet a little more.


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This was a box I made years ago to hold crush-able valuables. Used 3m headliner adhesive to stick the carpet i believe.

Lived in the back of my 4runner for 4 years and never had an issue with the carpet coming loose. Worked great to stand on or use a cook stove on.

Sadly the 4runner was stolen at one point and they took the box. (if you have a locked box be sure to keep the box locked to something) I'm sure that it made a great container to put all the stolen goods into :(


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3M Super 90 follow the instructions on the can, and it will give you a great bond. Pay attention to the temperature of the air, and all the details in the instructions and it will stay put for good. Another thing I have used instead of staples is industrial carpet tape (indoor outdoor variety). Have fun.