Still a demand for Baja style campers?


Hey all,

Thanks to all who take the time to post here. I have looked all over this site for ideas and inspiration. After spending time out on the street looking around San Diego at used Callen Campers, I decided to build my own Baja style camper. It was a great learning experience and I really want to continue with this. Driving around town, I have gotten a good number of positive comments and inquiries. I completed a 2800 mile road trip this summer with the camper and wheeled it a lot...including over Imogene Pass in Colorado.
My question for you all is this...if this style camper came back to the market, would there be interest and demand for it? I hope so, because I am on the edge of pulling the trigger!


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That's a nice looking set up, any pics of inside the cabin? And excuse my naivety what makes it a Baja camper?


I would buy one ASAP soon as I pick up a new truck! Theres a few options out there for camper shells like this, and I defiately think there is a demand.

I'm not sure if youve researched whats out there besides the Callen's, but here are a couple I have been looking at and considering. - self built style, theres another guy on the forums here who built one and it turned out awesome. - not sure of the quality of these, but lots of options and resonably priced.


You got it man...Cowboy camper...Baja camper...same thing...different demographics I guess! I live near San Diego...gateway to Baja and I know this style camper was/is used a lot down there. Lots of terrain and ****ty roads to navigate to get to surf spots, etc.

Interesting idea about getting a hold of the Callen family. I will have to do that.

I have looked at the Belair campers...they look like nice units. However, would they hold up to offroading? Wood framing might eventually pull apart?

I can walk on the roof of mine while lashing down two Kayaks. Another plus to metal construction.
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I will get some pics posted soon of inside...I am still working on that! Family life tends to put some of these things on hold here and there!