Stereo question (not sure if this is the right place)


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Is there a stereo/amp setup I can run off my smart phone without the need of a head unit?

I have my navigation, FM chip, Pandora, downloaded music... all in my little smart phone, do I really need a head unit any more.

I am in a TJ, I have an old school stereo. Big amp taking up valuable space. I would love to find an amp that would fit in the dash were my head unit is and then run everything off my smart phone.

Is anybody doing this?

Could it be as simple as using 1/8 plug with a couple of RCA jacks?
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Absolutely, if your amp has rca inputs you can buy the 1/8" plug to rca cable and use your phone as the head unit, I have my camp trailer setup like that and my fosgate amp works perfectly that way!


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Alternatively to the 1/8" plug - get a good quality bluetooth adapter with RCA outs. My cars all still have full head-units, but with BT, the only time I use anything other than my phone is local radio (for traffic or local news), and the rare occasion when we get an audiobook on CD from the library.

With wireless charging, I never plug my phone into anything, so bluetooth is awesome.


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Alpine has an awesome little 45x4 amp that will tuck up in your dash. I believe the mode is KTP-445A. I have it in my truck and it's perfect. Only thing, you will need an Alpine head unit for it to plug in.


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yeah I dont know how much I would trust that marine rating, but its Chinese electronics.. either its an awesome deal or a terrible idea.

Ive had some Pyle gear in the past, its definitely a low tier brand.. but I've got a Wrangler of OP's vintage, thats really all it deserves eh? I cant get my self to put premium audio equipment into something so exposed and abused.. not to mention I've had so many stereo's stolen over the years that I find OEMish looking gear never gets swiped.. leave the OEM cassette player in the dash and nobody will bother walking off with your sound bar.. now my doors on the other hand, had those ************** stolen out of my driveway.. sigh.