Steiner Commander Binocs


This seems like it might be an appropriate place for this question....

I've come into a pair of Steiner Commander RS 2000 binoculars. I already have two good sets of glasses and don't need/want these. They are in good condition and I'm wondering what they might be worth used? Is there a market for these things?

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Gary Mc


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Steiner's, Fujinon, and other quality, high end binoculars have resale value, depending on model and condition. I would guess several hundred if in good condition, as they are $1,000 and up new, but, like anything else, they are only worth what someone will pay for them.


I wouldn't necessarily consider Steiner as "top of the line" but they are certainly pretty good glass all things considered. For reference, the "Top of the Line" is still occupied by three main Brands (for good reason): Leica, Zeiss and Swarovski.*

I'm not sure if they would go for it, but EuroOptic does have a trade in program where you trade in optics towards the purchase of something else. I've used them in the past for upgrading some already pretty top notch stuff and was pretty happy but you might try it.

*I'll patiently wait for some misguided individual to say "What about Vortex!" so I can spit my coffee out in laughter.