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Sorry I thought this was a different build. But where did you get the fenders for the trailer? I just picked up a 6x10 and plan on adding larger tires and I don't think they will fit in the stock ones.


These are stock aluminum fenders. I had the manufacturer throw them inside the trailer. Took them and bent them around the tires to make them the same size.
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Most pictures do not appear to be working any longer on Expedition Portal. Is there another post?



So since the first trip this camper has put about 15,000 miles on the road. Most used camper I have ever had. This year i bought and lived in an RV in Colorado for 3 months and I missed this camper the whole time. It will go anywhere built like it is. The room in the RV was nice but the versatility and maneuverability of this camper is perfect.



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Awesome thread - just what I would looking for. I have a question and I must be blind but -

I see where your daughter sleeps but what about the adults?

Like I said I must have missed it but didn't see any pictures of fold down beds or whatever.




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This is Awesome! I'm looking to do the same thing. I have an 04 wrangler so same 2000lb towing capacity as your JK. I was planning on a 5x8 build but after seeing yours wondering if the 5x10 with the extra room would be better. There will be 3 of us as well. Wife and a 10 year old. I was concerned about weight and the fact that my TJ is lifted 4inches on 33s. I'm on a budget and I want something that we can get in out of the weather and sleep off the ground. I also wanted an AC solution which you've figured out. I think I'm going to start with a stock trailer just to save $$ for now and not try to take it anywhere to crazy yet. I'm not sure what kind of stock axles they come with but I think you said yours has a 3500lb...that would be the min I'd want I think. Any other advice anyone would have for pulling this with a TJ?


Not really. doubtful you will need more than 3500lb axle and if you do your over weight. The two water tanks are almost needed but if i had to do one it would be rear. These are typically very tongue heavy.


I officially hate photobucket right now. I got on to update on my awning add and find they have trashed everything.


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^I know what you mean. I have used several free services for my own build threads on several forums and pictures would eventually disappear, and finally settled on where I pay yearly for hosting. It's a small amount of money, but at least my pictures don't disappear. I've spent a lot of time redoing links. :(

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