Stealth Camper Build

Cool build Stouttrout...have considered something similar myself. Question: does you trailer have suspension? Centerline of axle looks almost even with the bottom of the trailer box in a couple pics...? Not sure if you have visited "", cool site. Look at "cargo conversions". Elmo and others that have replied to your build here have some really nice rigs posted there as well. Lots of good info!

Keep up the good work


Thank Hillbilly. Yes I have been to that site many times but not recently. I need to drop by. Used to it was mostly Teardrops and I would sit there and drool. This trailer does have leaf spring suspensions and rides very well. I had a drop axle installed so I could run the larger tires and keep it lower on the roof line. I needed to run the 35" tire to match the Jeep so I only carry one spare.

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Very cool build! I'm new here, but have done a couple enclosed trailers. A lot of people underestimate the importance of good ventilation (slept in one with a spilled gas can, barely able to wake up the next morning) Love the a/c setup as well! Another resource is blazin belltech, they make some great bunks, couches, etc


I was amazed at how closed up they can be. In freezing weather we did not need to use a heater, We actually had to vent the inside to cool it down. The average person lets off about 600 BTU of heat so with 3 of us in there it kept hot just fine.


Getting the itch to do something to the trailer but not sure what. Any suggestions? Maybe I just need another road trip. Get it out of my system.


Haha... I don't even own a TV :) When I retire, This may be an upgrade along with slide out flat screen on the side that I can use in or out. Now that would be cool to do just for the cool points.

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Outside of the paint/wrap I think the thing is just use it.
After using it a few more trips I'm sure you'll think of some improvements that can be made better than we can.


Thanks, I got the idea from a portable big truck ac.

That's a great idea with the AC system. I looked at those ClimateRight air conditioning units, but the price is too steep. Do you have any suggestions or any info for me to do a similar thing you did? What did you do to "seal" the flange? How is it still holding up? Thanks