SSR 140CC china bike


The seat foam portion came out GREAT as well.

After checking out the local fabric store for foam, I opted for nothing more than a $15 "athletic foam pad" roll. Something like a yoga mat, but thicker.

Laying it up was easy enough, and sculpting with an angle grinder w/ flap wheel made quick work of it. Still a bit of sculpting to do, but its close.

Now its up to the wife to stitch up the cover. I have another yard of seat cover fabric from the CT90 project that will be used. So matching seats :sneaky:

Im still considering a complete tear down and re-paint, similar to the old honda trail. Tan/black and camo seat.



Little SSR project is coming together as well.

Right now all that is needed is fitting a seat cover, rear fender, and sorting out legit "buddy" pegs for the bike.

Rear rack came out decent

Up-geared it with a 17 tooth front sprocket

Playing around with some VERY simple add on "pegs" for a passenger.
This simple setup using 1/4" aluminum has potential I think....

Not a bad looking little bike. :)



Kapitis Indagatoris
Cool project.

Just food for thought on the passenger pegs. They look like they could become an impalement problem if the drivers or passengers foot comes off and shoots backwards and slams forward from an accident or jump, etc...
Honda Groms have a bolt on passenger peg plate, maybe some thing can be fabbed up that will give you a peg mount and strengthen the rear passenger seat frame.

Good luck.



Given the appalling lack of quality in the bearings you've so far removed, I hope that they've used higher quality bearings in the engine and gearbox!

Your improvements are excellent and should make for improved reliability and running.


I hear ya about the bearings....

Fortunately the YX140 engine has a very good reputation.

But if it has problems, Ill fix those as well :ROFLMAO:
At least the motor is used widely enough that parts are available.

I did get the bike street legal and licensed, but no other updates.
Still waiting on the wife to find some time to stitch the new seat cover.


Nearly sorted.

But certainly sorted enough to get some seat time.
This little bike is FUN.... o_O A solid amount of punch in a very light and nimble package....

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Oh yeah...

Its street legal, insured, and plated :cool:

Ive been commuting to work on it lately.

its a little ripper!

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