Spur of the moment backcountry tour


I woke up yesterday like any other day. A few plans were canceled/postponed so I wasn't sure what I would do for the day. I put some camera gear in a bag and got in my truck. I already had plenty of water and "enough" food to go have a look around, basically always packed somewhat . Beans, rice, Corzo Tequila, tortillas, hot suace,, oatmeal. the basics live in there.
I have heard some of the local mountain passes still had snow and were not passable yet.
Hmm, time to fill up the tanks and go look see...
I ended up putting in a 90 miles with only 3 of those being paved to complete a loop that I have never had a vehicle to explore all within 12 miles of my house.
Boy, how owning an 80 series changes things:sombrero:

I headed up Pearl Pass (in CO) that I heard was still snowed in

Sure enough there was snow. About a hundred yards to the other side. It was a gully with a road bed built though so you dont want to wander off the road bed on this snow bank. I saw a few moto tracks but no signs of 4x. I figured I'd see what happens. It was slightly up hill and took a dozen or so (full locked) attempts. All was good. didn't sink much and didn't get stuck

I then ran into a jeep club that said "if you don't like 40* leans with snow, I wouldn't go over the top" I said "ah, you guys just did, right?"

Not so bad.
Look on the bright side

There has always been this allure about Pearl Pass. Mostly because I haven't had a truck to drive some of the more "tech" spots. Mostly just pretty flowers though


The other side was just as nice

Got a bit rocky here in the Rocky Mountains

Stopped to talk to some locals about the fishing

Just black stares. I think they speak spanish. Habla english umpoko?

Stopped for lunch

Was very tempted to stop in Crested Butte (pointed Laccolith) But just headed back they other way
Back into the trees

The trail going up Reno Divide got a little tight in spots

I had just found a Nissan mud flap and picked it up. Then I found the Nissan

Now it was dusk, plowing over coffee tale sized rocks on Upper Reno Divide and staring at that Nissan. Man that road is skinny.

Found a "great little spot with a view"
Next morning

I might stay at this place next time. Very reasonable rates. They recommend bringing your own comforter though

Off to some buff dirt road on my way to Taylor pass

Don't forget

Things got back to normal once I was on Taylor Pass

Here are the bumps in the road

Yep, Just barely keeping that sidewall safe. Self spotting

A few more bumps and turns and... Fishing

From there I raced a bunch of Motos across Richmond ridge and back home.

All in all a pretty nice chain of events


Nice trip

Thankyou for sharing your trip I like to do the same here in Tasmania duck out for an overnight jaunt or even a couple of nights just my truck / camera and food.


Recommended books for Overlanding


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Thanks for sharing. Colorado has some of the most amazing trails that I plan to actually see in person some day.