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I am trying to find a company, preferably with a good long track record, to do my interior conversion on 144 Sprinter 4x4. I think building it myself would be a fun project, but when it comes to electrical systems - solar/battery/inverter, I would be more comfortable having experienced people doing the build. I have been looking at the well known players ADF, Sportsmobile, OSV, and Advanced RV and was interested in any first hand experience people have had with them recently. Another possibillity is having an electrician take care of the design, eletrical systems and wiring and build the rest. I still think an experienced builder is going to hopefully know how to build out a sound and robust structure that can handle the stress these vehicles will go through over time.

I am taken aback by how much some of these companies are charging. Some are more reasonable than others, but it does stop you in your tracks when prices approach and exceed the price of a new Airstream trailer for example. There seem to be a number of smaller outfits but without knowing much about them I worry about support and level of experience in designing, choosing compatible materials and equipment, and just plain building it right.


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I am in Northern California. I have no problem taking it cross country to have the work done, although I would have thought Los Angeles would be a hotbed of van customization. ADF is there, the rest seem to be executive limo type operations.

What sets Nomadvanz apart from the rest in your view ? Appreciate your recomendation and would welcome hearing your reasons why you like their builds.


Compare to others I have seen, NomadVanz is super high in quality and customer service. It's very personal. I have only seen them use the best parts possible. Saying that I wish I could affort one of their Sprinters.
In any case, I have been in the high end Expedition Truck industry for many years (Unicat and now with Total Composites) and can see quality and value in a RV right away. Nomad blew me away the first time I saw one.


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I have to admit to favoring wood for cabinets, but I guess fiberglass would be excellent as far as being a durable, maintenance free, and easy to keep clean.

I have wondered how fiberglass rates as far as offgassing/VOCs particularly when used in interior enclosures. Thanks again for directing me to Nomad Vanz. I will give them a call. Before I make my decision I am looking forward to attending Overland Expo next month.


In Portland Oregon you can find ZenVanz

Bryan and Jen are long-time EXPO members. They've recently expanded their business into van conversions. Check out their blog for a look at how they designed their own van.
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