Spotted this while out camping

goin camping

Had a great runaway trip with a Buddy last week.

First we went to Rainbow Canyon in Death Valley and watched some jets fly by below us and then it was off to the Panamint Valley for an overnighter.

Spotted this guy while heading home. Almost ran him over. See the KM2 tread pattern in the dirt? He just darted out in front of me...


Great pic! I occasionally come across them and they sure do blend in well...if you weren't paying so close of attention, you would probably assume its a rock in the dirt road.

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goin camping

Interesting description of the turtles actions. This is probably the first time in history that "darted" was used to describe a turtles actions. Makes me wonder what you were smoking. ;)

I was not fooling with the radio. No matter what anyone says! Vicious lies. I say! ;)