SPF - M1102 Trailer $1400 DFW Texas



Location: DFW Texas

Price: $1400 OBO

Rather than have two builds going, I decided to focus on completing my M101A3. This is a very nice example of an 1102.


Detailed specifications from manufacturer can be found in the link below.


GVWR: 4200 lbs
Curb Weight: 1460 lbs
Payload: 2740 lbs

Torsion Axle with shocks and hydraulic brakes. Independent parking brakes for each wheel.

Useful measurements:

Tailgate width and width between the fenders: ~56" (4'8")

Length of cargo area: ~86" (7'2")

Length of supported cargo area with tailgate down: ~106" (8'10")

Bed and frame are in very good shape. There are a few minor dents and spots where the paint has been worn off.

All three MWOs have been done and the corresponding tags are on the trailer.

Surge and parking brakes work. Has intact break away system.

The cover is worn/wind damaged. It will keep rain off when stationary but I would not recommend towing with the tarp in place (likely how existing damaged occurred).

Tires are in good condition and show minimal wear and no dry rot/cracking.

Trailer can be rolled around on level/hard ground by one person.

Both rear stabilizer legs are included.

Most of the frame and the entire body of the trailer are aluminum.

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What are the mwo's that were applied?

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