Spare wheel winch/lift/crane -ideas, please?


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@Martyn - that is BRILLIANT ! Best I've seen so far. Can you post a link to the video, please ? I've searched youtube for "AT overland equipment" and been to their website - but I cannot find that video. Thanks.
Unfortunately I couldn’t share the Facebook video, if you go to the AT Overland Facebook page you will find it in the video sectio.


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You May find that a ramp is pretty easy to push the wheel up. It may be challenging given how high you are. I built a bracket to try to block and tackle from. It was a challenge as it flexed a lot. I tired a ramp and it’s very easy to roll the tire up or down. I can do it alone.


I've been using some climbing pulleys to lift stuff up on the back, going to keep using this once the body is built.

They were $40 off Banggood from memory and work a treat.