Spacekap 8 ft + Silverado 2500

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Any links?

Also, the Sherpa has a dry weight of 1600 lbs. Unlike many manufacturers, that's probably pretty accurate, but you are going to be way over 1/2 ton GVWR loaded up. Add people, dogs, water, food, stuff, toys, etc... 2500+ lbs is more like it.
They are yet to present the prototype to the public, but it looks promising. Tufport makes some real good shells, but they haven't been any news for about a year now anyway ( compare ).
I guess it's smarter to go with a converted united like the Sherpa.


I saw that one, but it isn't bigger at all... it's based on one of their smaller shells... only 60" height.

The Maranda v365 (or 375 now: looks like one of the better DIY starting points if you are taller. It's wide enough that one or two should be able sleep over the cab. That helps a lot for space utilization IMO.

The Sherpa definitely looks like a reasonable price for what you get, if the size works for you.
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Does anyone know how to move the bulk of the conversation in this thread to this one?
The original poster started this thread to discuss his specific build and business venture and I think it would be nice to clean it up.

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