Southwest Disk or Tembo Tusk Skottle?

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I've been a Long time lurker, and this is my first post. I'm looking at camping stove options, and I'm sold on the skottle/discada system. I'm currently torn between the Southwest disk and the Tembo Tusk Skottle. It looks like they are comparable in price. Right now, I'm leaning more toward the southwest disk because they come in 22 inch and 24 inch sizes. I also like that I can take the disk off the propane stand. The one thing I like about the Skottle is that it comes in a more compacted package. I have a tundra, so space isn't an issue. I know a lot of people on this forum like the Skottle, but at 18 inches how many people does it cook for? Has anyone had experience with both of them? Does one provide more benefits than the other? I want the versatility to be able to cook meals for 12-15 people, but when my family camps I normally cook for 4-8 people. From my really fast calculation a 22 inch disk provides about 125 inches more cooking area than an 18 inch disk. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for posting this..... Had never heard of Southwest Disk, but I'd be leaning heavily toward that 22" disk. There are hundreds of single outdoor burners on Amazon, I'm sure you could find one that gets pretty compact when not in use.


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I have a Skottle and also a 24” disk. Had the 24” disk first and went and paid full retail for the skottle as the whole package is complete. We cook (well actually the missus) cooks for a bunch of people at a time and we had no hassles with the skottle.

The 24” disk now sits on our deck full time and the skottle stays in the truck.
Southwest for me, I have had mine for about 4 months and like it a lot. I cooked on friends skottles and they are ok, but the burner from southwest is awesome! I have the bigger disk, but will get a smaller one for taking out and about. Including the cover, disk, burner and stand I think I am half the price of the skottle. The one noticeable thing better with the skottle is that it packs up smaller. Just my $0.02
I agree the 24 inch is probably overkill for my needs, but I think the 22 inch might be the "just right" size. Adding more meal versatility than an 18 inch disk without going too crazy. I think the skottle is great if someone is limited on space.
It sounds like alot of people on this forum haven't heard about southwest Disk.

Here's their link

Doing a quick search on the google machine I found a ton of single propane burner options. The skottle seems like a great product, but if you want more options it seems like southwest disk is the ticket. I think having a disk that is removable, from the heat source, provides some added benefits and different cooking options.
This thread triggered a search for discada recipes posted by what I think was a vendor here - "mojoe outfitters" by user "Camadile" or some iteration of these. Can't find anything now. Anyone else recall this?
This thread triggered a search for discada recipes posted by what I think was a vendor here - "mojoe outfitters" by user "Camadile" or some iteration of these. Can't find anything now. Anyone else recall this?
They live on a well known video-sharing website.
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Southwest Disk ALL THE WAY:) Have 2 of them. Bought the big 24" kinda deep one first 4-5 years ago. Recently bought their 18" madrid to travel-about the same size as Skottle but heavier (due to thickness). In these, thickness/heat conductivity is your friend for cooking at a variety of temps. The 18" fits in Skottle bag alone with the domed cover for the Skottle. Alot more versatile in my opinion. Cooks for 4ish people or 1 person about as easily. The big burner is great and can also hold cast iron skillets, crab boiler, turkey frier and breaks down pretty small. The 24" disk could cook for 20 people, the depth lets you cook, deep fry, soups and stews or traditional Discada recipes.
We have the skottle. I bought it from Mule Expedition in Washington. They are great people, so i just went with what they sell. I like the fact it breaks down into a compact package and comes with a good quality bag.
We've used it a few times now and I've been very pleased. I can see it becoming our primary outdoor cooking surface when camping. It is the perfect size for the two of us.